Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kinship Strand: Chimayo

Inspired by the wild west & created in the glow of a harvest moon, my Kinship Strands are a circle dance of seed, glass, heishi, stone & turquoise beads! They are a celebration of color, spirit, individuality & affinity...ties that bind us.

One of a kind, my strands range in random lengths of 23-32 inches long. Varying lengths to layer. Assorted colors to compliment your mood or to refashion it. No two strands are alike. No recipe. No plan. Pure color story. Wear one, wear them all!  

This strand features: 3 Turquoise & seed beads in the colors of milky montana, cornflower, aqua & turquoise blue, ancient rose, sour apple, hyacinth, periwinkle & gold luster. 

This strand measures 29" long & looks especially dandy when paired with my Kinship Three Tears strand!

Turquoise Medicine: Turquoise is regarded as the oldest stone in man's history; the talisman of kings & queens, shamans & warriors! It is a stone of strength & protection yet is soothing to the touch. It is tranquil & heavenly. Sacred in adornment, turquoise represents power, luck & protection. Native Americans wear it in ceremonies to call upon the great spirit of the sky. Many honor turquoise as the universal stone, believing their minds would become one with the universe when wearing it. Turquoise worn on the body or used in ceremonies always signifies the God of the sky alive in the earth.


  1. The strands look so good around your them all.

  2. Gosh Gorgeous!!!
    I love the matte finish with the shiny...Perfect!

    ps. Sour apple written above makes me want to run to the store for Jolly Ranchers candy. I do not even like candy!!!