Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kinship Strands: Earth & Sky

Inspired by the wild west & created in the light of a new moon, my Kinship Strands are a circle dance of seed, glass, gem, heishi, stone & turquoise beads! They are a celebration of color, spirit, individuality & affinity....ties that bind us.

This is my Earth & Sky collection, representing a kinship with all the creatures of the earth and the elements of the sky. The design is clean & colorful, featuring beads in earthly shades and celestial hues! Some feature a wonderful, cascading waterfall of natural gemstones! These beaded strands range in random lengths of 20-32 inches long and are one of a kind. Varying lengths to layer. An assortment of colors to mix & match. Wear one, wear them all! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dove Creek

Inspired by the spirit of the west.
Hand crafted by the light of a silvery moon...

My Dove Creek necklace is a delicate dance between Earth & Water.
Natural Turquoise stones flow into deep beaded pools of crushed Mother of Pearl, ripple through Emperor stones making their way to natural, hand-harvested Acai from South America. Copper Glass & Seed beads in the colors of Aqua, Cream & Montana Gold dance, ever so lightly, across the surface. 

One of a kind.
Necklace measures 25" long (drop length 10 1/2")
It's seriously lovey dovey.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Of humble origins.
Inspired by the spirit of the west.
Crafted by the light of a silvery moon...

My Shiprock necklaces are a delicate dance between Earth & Sky.
Turquoise, lapis, orchid bone & vintage amber glass beads waltz gently while sueded leather & nickel two-step.