Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Year in Pictures...

So many adventures, challenges, guides, lessons, opportunities, passions, people, places, things, totems, and love to be grateful for in my year 2015...mostly, I am grateful for all the support & encouragement from my friends & followers: YOU!   Thank you from the inner reaches of my creative spirit for believing in the Circle Dance of Love & Affinity and everything that is Kinship!
I love you all!

January, 2015........Grateful for Snow in the city!

February, 2015........Grateful for Good food on Beautiful Handmade Ceramics!

March, 2015........Grateful for the Metropolitan Museum & My Earth & Sky Kinship Strands!

April, 2015........Grateful for Friendship Medicine!

May, 2015........Grateful for Birthday Gifts from a Talented Friend, Lilacs & NY Botanical Garden!

June, 2015........Grateful for The American Museum Of Natural History & Lake Michigan!

July, 2015........Grateful for Going Home & a Special Friend!

August, 2015........Grateful For Day Trips, The High Peaks, Tapawingo & a Ferry Ride!

September, 2015........Grateful For City Skylines, a New Job, Friends & the Blood Moon Eclipse!

October, 2015......Grateful for completing my Medicine/Dream Bag & the gift of My Magic Feather!

November, 2015........Grateful for a Beautiful Home filled with Good Friends & Good Food!

December, 2015........Grateful for The Season, The Thunderer Collection, The Rainbow Man & The Get-Away!


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Thunderer Collection: Kinship Strands

The Thunderer:

The strength of the hawk symbol is also depicted as the Guardian & Protector of the Earth Mother and all her children.  The Hawk is believed to be in the continuous fight, protecting people from the evil Spirits of the Air & is closely associated with forces such as Rain, Wind, Thunder and Lightning...often referred to as "Thunderers," the Iroquois legends and myths speak of the "Thunderer" as armed with mighty bows with flaming arrows.

Introducing my newest Kinship Strand collection:  The Thunderer...