Sunday, January 26, 2014

Out of milk & into the snow

By the time I woke up today the milk carton was empty so I brewed a pot of Golden Dragon tea, peeled a tangerine & sliced a banana.  When I was ready to make the milk run, my man was grumbling for something to eat.  It was half past three.  Standing on the corner of 45th Street, I coaxed him into having brunch at The Comfort Diner before we stopped for milk.  Eggs Benedict Sally's Way, biscuits & bacon, piping hot coffee & fresh squeezed o.j. couldn't be beat.  By the time we paid our check the supper crowd was walking in & it was snowing outside.  It was a quarter to five.  

We strolled into the Amish Market, selected our groceries then headed back home.  It was still light out so I decided to walk through the park, maybe snap some photos along the way.  

 The park was soft, gentle & inviting.  Quiet colors & tender souls. A sweet sparrow chatted up a storm but I didn't think to bring along any birdseed.  Next time I won't forget.

I reached the stairs & realized my knit hat was soaked through from the falling snow & my fingers were cherry red.  I took one last shot of the brown stone along the staircase & put away my camera.  I was ready to go home, it was a good, good day.
Some days are meant to be beautifully simple.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January, 2014

Its January, 2014.  It's snowing outside & I have the day off from work.  Nice coincidence or perfect planning I must say.  And it's been a long, long time since I've held my Canon in my hands. I'm feeling both joy & guilt. My heart pitter pattered as I slipped in a battery & clicked on the switch.  Feels as if I've come back home.  Dusted off the cobwebs, pulled off the sheets, brewed a pot of tea & slipped into the groove. I'm in the mood to write (oh, just a wee bit) but I haven't much to say.  

I wish all of you, my friends, were on Instagram.  I seem to have deeply fallen in love with IG.  I am connected, minute by minute at times, with so many artists & people from near & far…right in the palm of my hand! No heavy laptop to carry, no heavy camera to haul. Just my iPhone, in my pocket. Whether I'm on the street corner, in the train station, at my kitchen table or on my way to work, as long as I'm charged up, I'm connected.  It's very visually stimulating, & so very easy.  

But with that ease of convenience comes a loss.  I haven't read a heartwarming or invigorating or educating blog in months.  I'm feeling an emptiness & a longing. I haven't seen your photos, L.A.R.G.E size & I miss your visual stimulation. I long for the beauty in the details.

So here I am, at my kitchen table: a scene you'd see on my IG.  But to all my beloved bloggers, this post is for you, with bigBIG hugs, & a whole lot of love!  I miss you all. I love you all. I, always, ALWAYS have you close to my "emoji" heart!

Now, I'm going to put on my snowsuit & head out into that magical, mystical, precipitation called snow!