Friday, April 20, 2012

My Bath Toys...

Another round of apartment reno/demo is happening.  All I can bear to write about it is to say that in the midst of all the grinding&drilling&plasterdustDUSTdust...a sweet gift appeared before mine eyes: a series of photos I took of a few shells I keep on my master bath windowsill.  In the stress of moving EVERYTHING out of the breakable way, I grabbed my shells & looked for an empty, safe surface.  The only space available, with exception of the oven or stovetop (& I'm being serious) was the weathered wooden box we use as a footrest/coaster in front of the television. I like how these photos turned out, the box looks dark & mysterious, a perfect backdrop for the shell shades of tan, white & grey. I like the mix of unusual shell shapes & the mix of textures: some smooth some jagged...and yes, when I want to play mermaid...these shells are in the bath tub with me (& I'm being serious!)  Rubber ducky anyone?


  1. i believe you: i keep shells surrounding my bathtub....and sometimes the shells jump into the water with me! HAHha! nothing like being a the city. in the mountains.

  2. Oh, but you are a mermaid I am very sure of that!


  3. hah, in my buckskins, turquoise & cowboy boots!

  4. beautiful, just beautiful, my friend. i am so glad to "find" you again. thank you for your ever-strong, ever-encouraging presence in my world.

    1. YOU are sooo beautiful & so talented.
      THANK YOU!

  5. Oh, I just love the first photo! The largest shell looks like the mouth of a shark, ready to scoop up the others! Love.