Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Small Spirits Collection

+ Kinship Strand:  Small Spirits Collection +

I came upon the idea for this collection back in december on a day when I was deeply missing my beloved Abyssinian cat, Puja.  While enjoying a beautiful, mild winter day I had come across the loveliest Sapphire beads in such beautiful shades of pink & blue.  They reminded me of sweethearts & tender tears.  I had to take them home.

The Great Lakes Anishnaabe consider the 12th moon as the Small Spirits Moon & a time of healing.  By receiving both vision of the spirits & good health, one may have pure intentions, and share positive & powerful energy with family and friends for the highest good of all living things.

For all the Small Spirits, come & gone.  For the little ones we remember with tenderness, joy & endless love.  Pink hearts & tender blue tears to wear in honor of the Small Spirits who scratched, bit, kicked, licked & loved us.  Our little blessings.

~ Hozhogo ~


  1. It is nice to have a time dedicated to healing. xx

  2. Beautiful honoring of hearts and tears. Healing beads in memory of your beloved feline.
    Those Ojibwe are lovely people and wise & revered. I believe their philosophy, their vision.
    An Ojibwe Chief married us in the Apostle Islands. I'll never forget that man and his shining eyes and gentle smile.
    Thanks for this, Nancy.

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