Monday, November 23, 2015

Magic Hawk Feather...

Do you believe in Magic?
I do...
& this is the defining reason why:

Yesterday I had an inexplicable & unbelievable event happen to me, which now is considered to be "my gift."

 At exactly 2:35pm, I was at work and stepped outside onto the sidewalk & into the sunshine to grab a bite to eat.  It was my lunch break & it was a normally busy Sunday afternoon along Madison Avenue.  In the midst of tourists, shoppers, dog walkers & me, "IT" happened:  spiraling down from the sky like a whirligig came the most beautiful, long & lithe, feather & it landed at the very tip of my tired toes!  Here, in the middle of Manhattan, in the middle of my average day Pure, Radiant, MAGIC happened!  Lady Hawk magic.  Dang my Vintage Bowler never looked so good! 

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