Sunday, January 26, 2014

Out of milk & into the snow

By the time I woke up today the milk carton was empty so I brewed a pot of Golden Dragon tea, peeled a tangerine & sliced a banana.  When I was ready to make the milk run, my man was grumbling for something to eat.  It was half past three.  Standing on the corner of 45th Street, I coaxed him into having brunch at The Comfort Diner before we stopped for milk.  Eggs Benedict Sally's Way, biscuits & bacon, piping hot coffee & fresh squeezed o.j. couldn't be beat.  By the time we paid our check the supper crowd was walking in & it was snowing outside.  It was a quarter to five.  

We strolled into the Amish Market, selected our groceries then headed back home.  It was still light out so I decided to walk through the park, maybe snap some photos along the way.  

 The park was soft, gentle & inviting.  Quiet colors & tender souls. A sweet sparrow chatted up a storm but I didn't think to bring along any birdseed.  Next time I won't forget.

I reached the stairs & realized my knit hat was soaked through from the falling snow & my fingers were cherry red.  I took one last shot of the brown stone along the staircase & put away my camera.  I was ready to go home, it was a good, good day.
Some days are meant to be beautifully simple.

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