Saturday, August 18, 2012

Traveling lady, stay awhile...

My week long vacation begins today...aaah, I am one happy gal!  We slept late this morning, yet I was the first one up.  I prepped his pot of coffee & made my french press brew.  Oh yes indeedy,  I've already had a cup...of a delicious blend: mocha, mocha java & chickory!  Have I shared this with you all before?  Well, it comes from my local Amish Market.  It is roasted by Porto Rico Importing Co. & it is their New Orleans Blend!  To me, it is like having a cup of dessert at breakfast, decadent & full of flavor...but pardon me if I am repeating's such a treat!  I serve it on special occasions.  Day 1 of vacation is a very special occasion!

In a couple of days we head out west.  It will be a short trip & part of it work, part of it play for him.  It will be a balanced blend of separation & togetherness, for me.  I look forward to a few solo days, when I can wander & roam & photograph the details of my adventure alone.  Without a schedule, or a plan, or a chartered course, I can meander my way along a trail or a riverbank, through a vintage shop or a sidewalk cafe & call it my own.  With my camera poised & ready I can wait, & wait & wait, for the light to set just right or the moment to stand so still, for my photographic pleasure.  Carefree & guiltless.  It's a small window of intimate, nomadic & mysterious time...& that's a beautiful treasure to me.

That being said, I am NOT a solo traveler...I can do it & have done it, a lot actually!  I just don't do it all that well anymore, mostly because I just don't enjoy it as much as with having a friend, a pet, or a loved one along!  And no matter how exotic the destination is, I always miss being away from my home.  Aaah, my home...& no matter how exciting the destination is, I always look forward to coming home.  Home is my heart's haven, my soul's cradle.

Q & A:
Is there anything you would change about your home?

What is your favorite room in your home?

Do you prefer modern, vintage or rustic?

What's your favorite travel destination?

***here are my answers***

A)  Yes, I would add more closets...we need more closet space! And I would love to have french doors leading out onto a garden patio!
B)  I truly like them all because each one has a different personality, but my kitchen is the center, everyone gravitates towards it...& I'm deliciously creative in it!
C) All of the above!  Most everything in our home has a personal connection (our first lamp, inherited china, a reclaimed club chair, a friend's custom crafted twig table) and we like to mix it all together!
D) Hmmm, the one that I haven't taken yet!

I look forward to reading your comments upon my return!  See you bright beings soon! XO


  1. Have a lovely vacation. I answered at Flickr and then I decided to come see your blog because I love the name (since I love horses) and because I really enjoyed your photographs of home.
    In fact, I may do a future blog post about home as well -- thank you.

    1. Greetings Diane & WELCOME!
      Firstly, thank you for all the compliments & for visiting me at Flickr! I will swing by there to add a reply before I head out west!
      Lastly, I look forward to reading your blog & am thrilled I may have ignited a creative spark that may result in a "home" post!
      I so appreciate your presence!

  2. I'm wishing you a wonderful adventure Nancy. I love to travel with my honey bunch tough we usually always split off and do out own things, I like to look around while he fishes and I hope I never get lost in the desert again :) We both enjoy antique shopping when we're in towns.

    I'd like a small open house and a big studio/barn in the mountains. I like modern, vintage and rustic......ART! I want to go to New Mexico, Utah and Big Sur, not in any order right now, could change next week though

    ENJOY! xo Ro

  3. Love this post Nancy! {and I see your favicon is up and running! yay!}

    I am drinking a chickory based brew all the time now...So delish!

    1. The light/windows, the storage, more space...

    2. None yet. Still chaos from years of reno's!

    3. As you, some of all...Love industrial, used things...

    4. Haven't done much but plan to go to Ottawa {easy} and Havana {a little harder} again someday...Iceland, Mexico, Austria, France are all on the list...

    XO Save and fun travels!