Monday, November 7, 2011

Collages: Dream Home

I don't have a home, per se, as I live in an apartment in the heart of a grand city.  But I often dream of having a home, or should I say a house!  It leaves me wondering if I did, have a house that I could call home...what it would look like...what would it sound like...where would it be???  Would it rest alongside a babbling brook, or be hidden on mountain top?  Would it stand stately next to a tall, oak tree, or shimmy up to a lakeside dock?  Would it be made of glass, brick or hand-hewn log, and how many stories could it tell me?  One thing for certain, it would warm my heart & cradle my soul!  So tell me, tell me a little about your home...the taste, the color or the look of it!

    The Mountain Home

    The Farm Home

The Lake Home

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