Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cheval Collection

Koele Stables

Saddle Blanket


Cheval Series:
I love horses.
I love spotted horses & especially, i love the painted ones.
the first two photos were taken while visiting The Koele Stables on the island of Lanai.  the deep rusty, red dirt of Lanai was as annoying as it was beautiful.  It got in & on everything...forget wearing white... making it a challenge to pull out anything but the point&shoot camera.  After I saw these spotted beauties I just had to take their shots with my digital slr.  I immediately focused on the horses & saw a connection in their dotted beauty to that of the mottled terrain in the distance.  Smooth, dark, glistening horse hair against the saddle/fence post tans caught my eye, but it's the angle and the color of the patterned blanket that make the statement in the 2nd shot.  The final photo is the one I chose for my banner & Etsy shop.  This horse was at the stables in New River Cove, Belize. It's the photo I fell in love with from the beginning.  It's the one I couldn't get out of my mind when I struggled with a shop name: nancymckayphotography, nMcphotos, nmckayphotographs...those are the most logical business names for me, right?
but no...and so, this is my Appaloosa*Moon.

This set/3 photos is a series of Cartes Postales Postcards available in my
 ETSY shop now, for a limited time only...& please note that i will be making donations to The American Red Cross: Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami for every card set sold!  thank you for your support!


  1. is it my imagination, or does the appaloosa have "XO" branded on its hind quarters??

    adore ALL your postcards. ALL of them.

    [thank you for donating to the relief efforts toward japan....]


  2. I love them 2
    and just 1 of the things
    I love about U
    Moonlit Cowgirl!

    ( I want to go to Belize)

  3. marie: & THANK YOU for all your support! WHY i think you're right it DOES look like an "XO"...i better head on up to alaska to get my shot of your painted! mwah!

    rochelle: THANK YOU so much for your love & generosity, belize is beautiful...ambergris cay & new river cove especially! I'll pack you in my wheelie next time i go...giddyup!

    and all my other NON-blogging friends...i DID get to the beaches of Lanai & wasn't all horseplay!