Wednesday, January 23, 2013

un natural...

I am at a loss for words today, literally.  I'm at home with laryngitis.  I needed to look up the correct spelling of laryngitis on as I misplaced my y's & i's!  Have you been to Have you played the little Word Dynamo game?  Oh, it's fun!  I got lost in the multiple choice questions, well really only 2 choices, on the meaning of words...for instance: did you know that callithumpian is a children's mummer's parade with prizes for best costume?  It appears, I did!  Or that a lulu is any outstanding or remarkable person or thing? Although it's slang, gives an example of it in a sentence: His black eye is a lulu!  Or that ort is a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal?  Again & again, apparently I did!  Well, I played & played! I started beating the Word Dynamo clock by whole seconds, until nearly dinner time! Some questions were easy: lollapalooza, doohickey & flibbertigibbet, while some were more complex: slumgullion, bezoar & quincunx!  I plan to use the word ort tonight should hubby leave any dinner morsels behind...

PS: did you know related words for lulu are: beauty, dish, knockout & mantrap?  Now, that I didn't know!  LOL!


  1. I hope your voice comes back soon, I know being voice less is odd. I routinely use but do not spend a lot of time looking around so did not notice the word dynamo game. Such strange words exist..I would have never thought lulu meant outstanding, I would have guessed it is more like a scary creature!! : ) Love your pictures...did you get your doctor's note?


    1. Yes, it's quite frustrating being voiceless, especially since I don't have a desk~job by day, and feeling useless is overwhelming! Well, I'm squawking now...that's progress! I plan to return to work tomorrow sans a doctor's note...they'll just have to take my word for it! LOL, you got me honking on that one! Thank you for being here!!!


  2. I do the same sort of playing on Merriam-Webster, also subscribing to the emailed "word-a-day"...
    This post of yours reminds me of playing Scrabble with my Dad. He insists on a proper definition after you place a word! He doesn't make you remove the word if you can't!
    My favourite word to impress? Sesquipedalian. I use it too! :)

    I hope you are singing again soon...Nothing serious I hope...

    {Love the photos too, the texture is great!}

    1. Hi Dee!!!
      Oh I love Scrabble, but unfortunately don't have a partner that enjoys board games...???!!!???
      I'm heading right over to look up Sesquipedalian...but before I go, let me guess that it has something to do with a 7-legged creature of sorts....???

      Thanks for the photo compliments, it's the "paint box" on PicMonkey (Picnik replacement)
      Promise you'll save a Scrabble game or two with me when you visit!
      Thank you for being here... :)))