Monday, September 1, 2014

Kinship Strands

I've been a beading banshee over the past week & here's a glimpse of just a few of my limited "Kinship Strands" featuring an array of colors & stones and, best of all, beautifully hand carved, vintage, Fox Fetishes from a reservation in Arizona!

I was propelled into the art of seed beading by a friend who admired the most special collection of one of a kind beaded necklaces I wear incessantly!  My dear friend coveted them so much that I feared mine would go m.i.s.s.i.n.g one day (only kidding girlfriend)! I'm the type of person who believes, to a certain degree, that if you cherish something so much that your heart aches each & every time you see it, well you better do your best to find a way & make it yours!  And I have, on occasion, been known to give a dear friend jewelry that was mine...really meant for her…but no way could I part with the collection I wear, the very special ones that I truly call mine, N.O. way!  So I custom made her a gorgeous set!  Then, last week, I wore them to her birthday celebration knowing full well she would squeal when she saw them, and she did!  I enjoyed watching her expressions as her eyes wandered over each & every stone.  She recognized the turquoise, jade & coral but sighed at the rhodolite garnets & tourmalines.  It was my treat to reply to her gentle suggestion that I need to share them with her…and so I did.  I gently removed them from around my neck & placed them in her open hands.  "These a.r.e yours," I said, "always have been & always will be."  Never once did she utter an "Oh No, you shouldn't have."  She knew they belonged to her.  After a huge hug & a kiss, she squealed again & the party began.

Inspired by the wild west & created in the glow of a summer moon, my Kinship Strands are a circle dance of seed, glass, heishi, stone & turquoise beads.  They are a celebration of color, spirit, individuality & affinity…ties that bind us.  And they are in the Trading Post of my Etsy shop now!

 Thank you!