Friday, April 27, 2012

Punica Granatum

The minute I saw these edible rubies I knew I had to splurge for them!  Oh, pomegranates, i love you.  I love even more when someone else takes the time to seed them!  Pretty amazing what you can get nowadays at the local grocer.  I've been putting them on my oatmeal, yogurt, sourdough muffins & spinach salads...and I'm scooping into them right now, yum!!!  Next up...THIS Recipe:  & btw, aren't they photogenic!?!

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Bath Toys...

Another round of apartment reno/demo is happening.  All I can bear to write about it is to say that in the midst of all the grinding&drilling&plasterdustDUSTdust...a sweet gift appeared before mine eyes: a series of photos I took of a few shells I keep on my master bath windowsill.  In the stress of moving EVERYTHING out of the breakable way, I grabbed my shells & looked for an empty, safe surface.  The only space available, with exception of the oven or stovetop (& I'm being serious) was the weathered wooden box we use as a footrest/coaster in front of the television. I like how these photos turned out, the box looks dark & mysterious, a perfect backdrop for the shell shades of tan, white & grey. I like the mix of unusual shell shapes & the mix of textures: some smooth some jagged...and yes, when I want to play mermaid...these shells are in the bath tub with me (& I'm being serious!)  Rubber ducky anyone?

Friday, April 13, 2012

These just in!

Oh I had so much FUN making these!  So pretty, so special, with a fantastic, clear image!  I'm thrilled with the quality...they took time to create but they are WORTH IT! People have even stopped me to ask, "where did you get that case?" Hah!  Of course, only in MY Etsy shop! Two have been spoken for & 2 are in the shop NOW...snap one on!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Simply Blue

Sweet Grape Hyacinths & lovely morning sunlight make for a splendid opportunity!  Add that to a day 
off & I'm in the mood for a round of shots!  I knew yesterday when I purchased these petite blooms that they would be used for a tabletop photo session!  I can't select flowers without thinking how pretty they 
might look in a picture or two, in addition to how well they'll match the china! Sometimes I purchase specific decor accessories just because I want to see it styled in one of my postcards! I'm a nonstop stylist at heart!

This series of shots captures the morning sun streaming into my kitchen.  Aiming into the sunlight can be a tricky endeavor, more often than not,  producing an underexposed foreground & overexposed background & losing all the details in-between.  I find it challenging & when done just right, it sets 
such a soft, natural, & beautifully romantic mood!  In addition to the way in which the light falls into the shot, color can be used to soften or ripen the tone as well.  Take for instance the middle 3 photos: same light, same flowers & the same focal point but I switched up the details to sway your attention. Strawberries in the first add a hot pop of color, brightening up the photo & lifting the mood;  while a teal blue tea bag adds subtle interest while keeping the tone soft & cool.  Switching up the plate & teacup positions in the third photo shifts the weight to the upper left but the balance is matched in the form of a horizontal stripe at the base.

All in all, these photos evoke a soft & gentle mood.  I love the romance captured in the sunlit silhouette of a teacup, the wisp of a green leaf suspended in mid air, the tenderness implied by a salt & pepper pair of sparrows!  What a beautiful mood to serve & take your morning tea in! I appreciated every last moment & every drop!

~ In my etsy shop soon! ~