Saturday, July 14, 2012

I draw lines...

Whoa dilly, as i look at the calendar on my tool bar, 
I see that it's been well over 2 months since I've posted here!  Honestly?!? 
Geez, I've almost forgotten how to do this...
but much like coming home after an extended holiday, it's just a matter of opening a few 
windows,  dusting off a couple of cobwebs and brewing a pot of tea before the rhythm 
of comfort sets in for me.

Life has been very rewarding as of late, a balanced blend of real hard work and extremely 
exciting play!  Invaluable accolades, such as taking a break along a river with a 
lunch~hunting  spotted owl, listening in on old whispers coming from new~growth elders, 
and heeling to a golden~gated bridge aboard a Hasty Heart,  were refreshing my depleted
spirit & renewing my sense of wonder.  

I traveled to new, and old familiar places.  I saw new, and old familiar faces.  
I celebrated life & love with a sense of adventure.  I unplugged & let go.  
And I felt the concrete canyon dissolve away...far, far away.  
I enjoyed my ride with the top down.  I let the wild, west wind tangle up my hair 
& the northern sun paint me up a shade of amber.
My soul was replenishing.  

I spoke fluent "photographese,"  as my camera was my voice.  This visual language flowed
in & out of me morning, noon & night.  My heart beat in shutter speed & my metabolism  
charged up, naturally.  All my senses feasted.  I savored the ripeness of farm to table 
foods.  I ogled every blue~green ocean vista.  I tuned in to the depths of the forests & I
heard the voices of wisdom.  I inhaled the ubiquitous scent of eucalyptus, deeply;  and I 
held it in...held it all in.
Forever. For keepsakes.

I still haven't quite exhaled.

So, until then,
 let me share with you, another side of me

another expression, so to speak, 

sometimes, I draw lines...when I just can't put it into words...

but the feelings remain...fluid,

yet linear...
deep inside of me.

    I hope all you magical beings are well & making time to enjoy this bright season! 
I have missed each & every one of you!