Monday, January 7, 2013

mink muffs & hot gossip...

I'm going to start off this new year, here, by posting a blog answering a few of the many & varied questions you have asked me over the previous 12 months!  I keep a running list and plan to continue this Q&A theme throughout 2013!  Whether it's via a card, letter, email, blogmail to me, keep those queries coming!

* What are you working on right now?
Well, let's see...which project first?  Right now, I would have to say selecting/editing & printing new photos that I've taken over the last 6 months so that I can refresh & restart my, Cartes Postales, Etsy shop!  I want to expand my artistic portfolio & my shop to include more fun & interesting things!

* Where have you been?
I haven't blogged in quite awhile, I know!  My apologies, I left you all hanging during Hurricane Sandy!  She was a doozie, but I faired very well compared to a lot of my neighbors. My absence has been because of my lack of creative energy: my spark blew out, my emotional state depressed & my soul suffered from a lack of space & bright light.  It was a very sad season for the Northeast & I absorbed some of that sadness.

* Whatcha eating, whatcha drinking?
Ha, cute question(s) & how did you know I was?!?  As I sit at my kitchen table typing out this post, I have a plate of sliced Organic Gala apples & a jar of earth balance coconut & peanut spread beside me! I've never had a coconut & peanut combo before and I have to admit it's my new snack addiction!  Plus, I'm drinking a pot of unsmoked Yerba Mate.

* Where do you get your inspiration from?
Oh, from a lot of places & a lot of people really!  As a person of very few words (except when I'm complaining) I'm very visually stimulated, so I tend to gravitate towards online periodical sites with blogs, flickr, pinterest as well as printed magazines & design/photo/art books. I also rely heavily on the emotional inspiration generated from conversations with creative friends, & those that also sell on Etsy!  And, Light, especially filtered sunlight passing through a room.  Last, but not least, from travel, of course!

* What are you wearing?
1969 always skinny jeans.
heather blue long sleeve T~shirt.
grey & purple argyle socks.
charcoal old town frye boots.
woven shawl.
layers of silver.
a strand of beads.
mink muffs, nail polish.
hot gossip, lipstick.
a hawk feather. caught me on a dressed up day!

* What would you like to personally create in 2013?
Oh, I'll keep it simple:
a photo book.
photo~printed on fabric.

* What would you do if you knew you wouldn't die?
Fantastic question, no one has ever asked me this one before!
And if I interpret it as a physical challenge that wouldn't cause me death...
The first thing that comes to my mind & heart is:
I would sail around the world!

Thank you & may you continue to inspire & buoy my creative heart & soul in 2013!
My question for you...which question resonates with you & what is your reply?
Please, share it here!


  1. Dear lovely to see you. Happy belated New Year! You have answered some lovely questions. I love your answer to the last question...sailing around the world would be at the very top of my list...or at least tipping my toes in as many waters as I could reach.
    What to create is usually the most on my mind? As I walk to work each day I think of that...both scientifically and outside my work environment. I am working on a special formulation for a aesthetician friend of mine who will not leave me alone. I too love pictures. Welcome look lovely! xx

    Did your home renovations get completed? : )

    1. Happy belated to you dear friend as well! I'm thrilled you are here, I cherish your support & encouragement through the highs & lows! You remain true! XO.
      aaaah, to sail the seven seas knowing no bandit, no pirate, no hurricane, no storm, no tsunami, no heat, no wind, no land in sight, no food, no loneliness...wouldn't kill me, sublime!
      living with a mountain lion!
      Cheers to your creative adventure in your special, scientific formula!
      You really know how to make a difference!
      i love you!

  2. Beautiful picture of you and delightful words. I think like you, I'd sail around the world. :)

    1. Thank you Sandra & welcome!
      What an adventure sailing the world would be...

  3. Is there room for me in that boat? If not, I'll ride a horse from Montana to Mexico. Like you said, I too am lacking in creative energy these days. As an artist, that is so frustrating! I've got two books that I'm hoping will inspire: CREATIVE TIME AND SPACE ~ making room for making art . And: LIVING THE CREATIVE LIFE ~ ideas and inspiration from working artists. Both by Rice Freeman-Zachery. They're library books and they are fantastic!
    Your outfit! 69jeans and a hawk feather!!! LOVE!

    1. Oh, you join me by water & I'll join you by saddle!!!
      What a GREAT adventure!
      I'm looking forward to visiting my wonderful public library to check out your book recommendations,
      THANK YOU for sharing all of this with me!
      I'll keep you posted!

  4. Happy New Year Nancy! So good to see you back! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations this year.
    As to the last question - I'd sell my house and move to Australia.

    1. HNY to you as well, Rachel! Oh, I'd like to see Australia (I've never been) & spend a good amount of time traveling up & down & all around the Aussie land! I hear New Zealand's THE place to be, so perhaps, I might rest my sails there!
      Thank you for being here with me!

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful photograph of you...your very essence is singing. Just blow me over and knock me down gorgeous.

    1. only you can see me singing behind that dour smile of mine...only you!
      KISSkiss...i truly thank you for your most generous compliments & for being here!