Friday, August 3, 2012

Tea & feathers...

Favorite moment Friday:
While I sat in my kitchen waiting for my tea to brew, I reread a card that a lovely friend sent me.  She tucked inside an additional treat for me, a Hawk feather!  It was a wonderful surprise & such a beautiful gift.

That was the 3rd feather to come my way so far this summer.  The first, a scraggly little blue & black one, was found in the woods while hiking in Northern California this past June.  I had just stopped to look & listen to the old growth redwoods, when she appeared.  A tiny little thing fallen from the branches above.  I cherish that sweet one as it was gifted to me by the magnificent Hendy Woods.

Last month while visiting my home state, my sister presented me with a gorgeous Hawk feather.  She found a cluster of them, grounded together in the grasses, while walking through a nature preserve.  She blessed my visit with this special gift & I will honor it's beauty & it's sentiment as long as I live.

Feathers don't come my way that often.  When they do, they move me.

They will be placed in my cabinet of curiosities, next to shells & bark, skeletons & painted rocks. One by one I will arrange them but until then...

As I waited for enough time to pass when I could pour my cup of Earl Grey, I gathered my small collection of feathers & held them in my hand.  I twisted & twirled each one of them in my long fingers, and arranged them in a ceramic heron hatpin holder, for just a moment.  It was a simple moment, a still life of sorts...a gathering of feathers...the honoring of friendships...& the gifts of love.


  1. I too love feathers..used to save them in books hoping they would multiply (this is when I was little); something airy about you think of flying when you hold one? Tea and feathers, no one can do it as beautifully as you do. Happy Friday

    1. I often think of flying & how remarkable it must feel! If I could, I'd fly right over to you & les chats...spend my early morning teasing y'all!
      Thank you for visiting!

  2. How lovely to see you back again, and so not surprised you are the recipient of such magic, sacred objects....lovely photos...
    Hugs to you,

    1. Hugs & Kisses right back at ya...& les animals of yours!

  3. N,
    I have a story for you. In July, I went to a glacial lake in the North Cascades where there is a long stretch of beach on one narrow lobe of the water. I walked out and had the most divine experience! I found no less than 106 huge (the largest one measures over 40cm in length), gorgeous, flight feathers -- I believe I ventured to that beach right around the time a few *birds* were experiencing a wing molt. The feathers were everywhere in the gravel and cobble of the beach, standing upright, wavering int he wind, I could barely wrap my hands around the feather bouquet I collected. It was a holy of holies, that beach, that day. I still can't believe it happened. I keep them in a large vase in the Airstream. I will send you one. I have been slowly sending them out into the world, when I feel the need to. You need one, I believe.