Friday, April 13, 2012

These just in!

Oh I had so much FUN making these!  So pretty, so special, with a fantastic, clear image!  I'm thrilled with the quality...they took time to create but they are WORTH IT! People have even stopped me to ask, "where did you get that case?" Hah!  Of course, only in MY Etsy shop! Two have been spoken for & 2 are in the shop NOW...snap one on!


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Beautiful, thanks...but i'm a bit worried for myself, they turned out soooo nice they're addictive!!!
      Thank you for visiting me, AnDee!

  2. HOLY SMOKES I LOVE THOSE! I just might have to get my hands on one, especially since I just upgraded to the iPhone 4 TODAY. Such gorgeous images, such a great idea! xo

    1. ThANKS Jess!!! Oh you'll love the "4" & it's camera!!!