Friday, April 15, 2011

Tea Collection

I started my first BLOG only 2 years ago.  at the time, none of my friends or coworkers were blogging.  quite frankly, i had never even heard of blogspot until one night, in January of 2009,  after my husband & i left a movie theater.  we walked into our local bookstore & on the front feature table was displayed a book, titled The Daily Coyote.  having read the first chapter voraciously, i was smitten with this remarkable story & the author's photography!  my husband gladly made the purchase & we walked home hand in hand.  what's this got to do with tea you ask???  long story short, the book lead to the website, the website lead to the readers, which lead to their comments, all of which grabbed me & changed my world!  i saw some very talented writers & artists, this one in particular, that kept me entranced with their stories, their art, their ups & sometimes their downs.  and so, i felt compelled to participate!

my story took shape in the desire to just create a simple photo journal.  my plan was to post a photo every week.  my blog was created out of a desire to inspire my heart creatively & rest my soul photographically with a signature passion of mine...tea!         i love tea. i enjoy selecting, collecting, displaying, preparing, brewing, sipping & tasting tea! oh yes i do. i find it so refreshing. it quenches my thirst & picks me up or calms me down when i need it to.  don't get me wrong, i DO have a cup of jo (hot & on ice) now & again...but tea is me!

Tea Series:

Canton was inspired by my desire to photograph the color blue which was, at the time,  pretty challenging for me. my home decor features an Arts&Crafts color palette w/shades of green, orange,  brown & black!  but, i did have a small collection of Canton china that my mother-in-law had given us (which i didn't quite appreciate until didn't suit my style like Roseville or McCoy!)  once we found a lovely glass cabinet to store it in i was able to display it properly & simply make it work!  and it does!  bit by bit my "blue collection" grew.  next came a GORGEOUS table runner i found on Etsy, handmade in Amsterdam by Dana, & a teacup/saucer from Anthropology! and so, one of my all time favorite photographs came together out my love of tea & the color blue.

Lily of the Valley was shot one morning in May when i had received a bouquet as a gift.  i was thinking of creating a photo for my mother's june birthday & the color green came to mind.  green was easy as i already had a small collection of Arthur Wood teapots to use.  i'm thrilled with how this shot turned out.  it is up close & personal.  the decal patterns on the teapot are beautiful but here you can only see a touch of it @ the top of the a slow blue, gold drip...the movement in that drip keeps pulling your eye in.  it's that simple yet powerful detail that i love!

Blackbird was taken one cold, grey morning when i needed a mood lifter.  i was in the mood to shoot but since i only do so in natural light, overcast days are such a drag.  i had just discovered a local artist here, Stepanka, in nyc & the ceramic mugs she had made arrived & it was time to celebrate!  i purposefully placed the cake in the background, almost hiding it, while i played with depth of field & focus.  i really enjoy the tension created in this photo by the placement of the fork.  it's closer to the eye than the mug.  it entices you to grab hold of it & dig in!  the mug sets the mood, with it's pattern, color & whimsy, but the hidden details create a subtle story.
btw, the cake was from my local health food store & was a raw almond "faux cheesecake" topped with blueberry jam...mmmm gooood!

You can find these & more of my limited edition photography in mon petite ETSY shop now!
i will continue to make donations throughout the month of April to The American Red Cross: Japan & Pacific Tsunami, for every cartes postal postcard set purchased!
AND thank you!

                     Blue Canton Tea


                      Lily of the Valley


  1. I love your lovely photography, Nancy! You've definitely got an eye for detail, comfort and overall mood!!! :)

  2. Ooo, I'm torn between my love for Canton (such dreamy shades of blue) and the beautiful POP of green life in Lily of the Valley! It's so nice to hear the story of the inspiration behind the photos, too - I really like the longer descriptions in the last few sets of photos!

    (And bless your big heart for donating to the Tsunami Relief. You're such a good egg!)

  3. adore ALL your photo cards.
    especially any that are composed of tea makings. [i'm a "tea" kind of girl....can't even remember the last time i drank coffee!]

    congrats on making it to your two-year anniversary with your blog!


  4. Dearest Nancy :)) You thinking of me means so much, Thank You, xoxo

  5. Vita...i so admire YOUR eye for design & color...your jewelry is GORGEOUS!
    Jess...thank you sweet belle, mademoiselle & love that you are in PARIS!
    marie...belle...we need to sip some brew together sometime, n'cest pas? & you artwork mean SO MUCH TO ME i couldn't resist! OxO